February 17


A Toast to Tradition: Discover the Heart of a Local Pub at The Daily Pint

Welcome to The Daily Pint's very first blog post, a place where we'll be sharing the latest scoop on our handpicked selection of craft beers and spirits, community events, and the stories that make us more than just a bar – we're a Santa Monica institution.

Santa Monica's Favorite Hideout

Nestled comfortably on the corner where the well-trodden sidewalks buzz with the city's heartbeat, The Daily Pint has become a haven for those looking to unwind, celebrate, and savor the finest brews and whiskies on this side of the Pacific.

Not Just a Pint, But a Place of Discovery

Our doors opened with the promise of delivering an authentic pub experience with an eclectic twist, and it's a promise we've kept. It’s not just about the drinks at The Daily Pint – it’s the stories they tell and the friends you share them with.

Monday Musings to Thursday Thrills

From the invigorating rush of competitive spirits on game nights to the mellow murmurs of workweek wind-downs, our bar’s rhythm syncs with yours. And let's not forget the main event: Happy Hour. Monday through Thursday, from 3-7 PM, join us for wallet-friendly pours that make the evenings a taste more special.

Whiskies with a Tale

One sip and you'll be transported. Each whisky on our shelf has a heritage, a process, and a flavor profile as rich and diverse as the community we serve. Why not start with a smooth Jameson, journey through the smoky mystery of an Ardbeg, or revel in the robust complexity of Jim Beam Black?

Our Craft, Your Community

The Daily Pint is proud to feature local and international crafts, creating a tapestry of taste ready to be explored. Whether it's the hoppy burst of a pale ale or the rich, earthy undertones of a stout, our ever-rotating taps mean there's always something new to love.

Join the Legacy, One Pint at a Time

We’re not just here to pour drinks – we’re here to pour passion, share stories, and create moments that become the highlights of your week. And we're just getting started.

So raise your glass to shared laughs, to Santa Monica, to craft that's never just craft – and to The Daily Pint, where every detail is poured with you in mind.

Secure Your Spot

Ready to experience the pulse of Santa Monica's craft scene? Pull up a stool, say hi to our friendly bartenders, and let us take care of the rest. Your next favorite drink – and story – await.


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