Fine Canadian Whiskey

Explore the Rich Heritage of Canadian Whiskies


Savor the Unique Flavors of Canada's Finest Whiskies

Embark on a journey to the Great White North with The Daily Pint's exquisite selection of Canadian whiskies.

Canada may seem like a lawless wasteland full of mediocre flavored whiskey, but in actuality they are producing some amazing stuff and not all of it is falovered!

From the velvety smoothness of Crown Royal to the robust flavors of JP Wiser's, our range celebrates Canada's finest. Relish the classic taste of Seagram's 7, or dive into the rich and vibrant Seagram's V.

For the adventurous, Yukon Jack offers a wilder spirit, and the rare Orphan Barrel Entrapment 25yr promises a sip of aged elegance. Each glass from our Canadian collection brings forth the country's storied distilling tradition, offering a taste that's as welcoming and diverse as Canada itself.

Join us for a toast and savor the true spirit of the north.