Scene Through The Bottom of My Glass: Drakes Night at the Daily Pint!

Photo credit:  Bernie Wire, used with permission.

Thursday night was Drakes night at the Daily Pint with the added bonus if you bought three of the Drakes beers on tap, you got to keep the glass (see photo).  Drakes is based out of San Leandro, CA; and is one of those breweries that really plays well with hops!  The line up was outstanding!  The Pint had Batch 1500 on both tap and cask, with the cask being a dry hopped version (outstanding!), Batch 4000 Wet Hopped Ale, The Amber Ale, The IPA, Black Robusto Porter, The Denogginizer Double IPA and Drakonic Imperial Stout.  A serious line up indeed!  

Photo credit:  Bernie Wire, used with permission.

Chris Elmes of Drakes was on hand to represent the brand and answer all questions about their beers.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the history of Drakes (he ought to be he is family!) and is passionate about representing them well!

Chris recommend I try the dry-hopped 1500 on cask first and I could see why!  It had an amazing citrus hop aroma that hit my nose long before the glass touched my lips, the beer was crisp and dry, the aroma hops were pronounced and floral!  This beer had me at my first sniff but after my first sip, I immediately declared it my favorite, which made Bernie and Chris laugh as it was my first beer!  I was not the only one who felt that way apparently as the Dry-Hopped 1500 on cask was the first keg to kick.  I rate it super delicious!

My second beer was the Batch 4000 Wet Hopped Ale.  A wet hop ale is a beer made using hops that are still wet (freshly picked) and the hops impart a more mild profile then the dry hops do.  This beer was clean and clear with a good malt backbone balancing the amazing hay like aroma of the fresh hops.  It drank light and refreshing and would also have made a great first beer!

My last beer was the Drake’s Black Robusto Porter, a dark robust porter that drinks much larger than its 5.4% abv!  Robust porters are made to be full-bodied and this one lives up to the style with a smooth viscosity on the mouthfeel that finishes with hints of unsweetened chocolate and spice notes.  On a cool night like tonight is this is a great beer to finish the night off.  I wanted to try them all but I will be back tomorrow night for the IPA’s and that stout!




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