Dogfish Head Tap Take Over and Daily Pint goes Hollywood!

Last Thursday night was an epic night for the Daily Pint and the faithful who drink there.  Not only did we have a Dogfish Head Tap Take Over, we also had the crew from the TV show Brewdogs stop and film the action at the Pint for a future show!

The night started with a tap takeover featuring Dogfish Head beers.  This tap takeover featured a good line up featuring 8 (eight) dogfish head brews that included Piercing Pils, Namaste Witbeer, Red & White Wit, Midas Touch, Palo Santo Marron Brown Ale, Rhizing Bines Imperial IPA, 90 Minute IPA and 120 Minute IPA.


While I tried all of the offerings that night (see Pic), I am going to focus on just a few of the beer I thought were most interesting for me.

First up is the Piercing Pils, a relatively new release that is 6.0 ABV which is a little higher in alcohol than most pilsner beers.  It is a czech style pilsner.   They call it piercing pils due to the addition of white pear juice and pear tea (pear sing) that pierces the czech saaz hops used in the making of the beer and add flavor to the finish as well as the nose.  The brewery also added some Amarillo hops to bring forth citrus notes that they felt would pair well with the pear flavors.  My sample was very light in color, showing a clear yellow corn color with a bright white lace that lingered in the glass.  The pear was present in the nose but muted by the malt character.  It was effervescent with hints of white pear from the juice additions and lemon zest from the Amarillo hops.  The finish was quite clean with a lingering aftertaste of fruit yet not so dry that it left you puckered.  I could see how this beer would be a classic ‘go-to’ beer on hot afternoons or when a refreshing pick-me-up beer was in order.  A thumbs up on this one!

 Next up is an old favorite, Midas Touch.  Full disclosure, I am partial to this beer; the first time I ever had it was way back in 2002 when Dogfish Head was reintroducing itself into the California beer market and they held a marketing presentation to the beer distributors at Tony P’s Bar and Grill.  Drew Butler and I crashed the party and introduced ourselves to Sam Calagione who not only poured us this beer but saved us from getting the bums rush from Tony P himself!  Sam asked us to stick around so he could pick our brains as to what beers we liked and he made it worth our while by giving us Dogfish Head swag!  That was a really good day!

Anyway, back to the beer!  Midas Touch was one of the beers made by Dogfish Head as part of their ‘Ancient Ales’ series, the brewery claims the ingredients in the beer were derived from the ingredients found in 2700 year old drinking vessels in King Midas Tomb!  The brewery itself describes it as “somewhere between a wine, mead and beer; and sure to please fans of all three!”  My sample was clear yellow gold in color with an off-white head.  It tasted of hints of honey and melon with a finish that was pure gold!  It was dry but sweet and oh so balanced with just a hint of tartness.  Like I said I have always been a fan of this ale!

Dogfish Head has always taken the lead trying to help start up breweries or collaborating with existing breweries and Rhizing Bines is their second collaboration with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, the first being ‘Life and Limb‘.  Life and Limb was a dark ale brewed in Chico at Sierra Nevada Brewing; so this collaboration beer was Dogfish Heads chance to return the hospitality and thus was brewed in Delaware.  It is a hop-centric IPA brewed using ingredients and brewing techniques used at both the breweries.  The beer was brewed using dogfish Head’s continual hop addition process during the brew and Sierra Nevada’s famous aroma hop Torpedo made an appearance in Milton to be used as the dry-hopping mechanism!  The beer’s climbing hop vine on the label represents the two hops, two yeasts (chico and doggie) and two hopping mechanism’s used to make the beer!  My sample did not have a noticeable hop profile in the nose but malt and booze were definitely there!  it had a sweet-malt taste followed by bittering hops and boozy acidity with hints of melon and citrus in the finish.  it was not your main-line IPA but rather more complex and it lives up to it’s imperial moniker! 

Another famous Dogfish Head beer is their 90 minute Imperial IPA, a 9% ABV hop bomb that was the first beer made using the patented continual hop additions during the entire boil of the beer!  This is a world class IPA that is just loaded with citrus hops but has the malt backbone to stand up to them!  There must be many hop varietals in the beer as it is almost impossible to put a name of a hop to the aroma that greets you as you drink it, it is very bitter yet smooth with a good balance of sweet malts to offset the hops.  It feels like a huge beer but at the same time it does not come across as being “boozy” or hot.  It is raisiney, buscity and huge…may I please have another?

While I was working my way through the beers a film crew shows up and starts filming at the Daily Pint for inclusion in an upcoming episode of “Brewdogs” the TV Show.  I was asked not to go into all the details of why they were filming there that night but suffice to say, the Daily Pint will be appearing on the series soon!  It was fun to watch them set up the shoot, the crowd was loud but supportive and the joint was rocking!  We will let everyone know the when and what channel once the details are released! 



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